Monday, October 27, 2008

Dr. Burk refers to George Weigel's piece on abortion

Pro-Life and Pro-Obama? Hardly.

I was amused at “Obamapologetics”.

I think Weigel codifies the disucssion:

Questions of war and peace, social-welfare policy, environmental policy and economic policy, on the other hand, are matters of prudential judgment on which people who affirm the same principles of Catholic social doctrine can reasonably differ. The pro-life, pro-Obama Catholics are thus putting the full weigh of their moral argument on contingent prudential judgments that, by definition, cannot bear that weight.

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podman (or anyone else, don’t mean to exclude ;-):

I think if we’re going to say that:
I might be more compelled by McCain’s prolife designation if i actually believed he was going to act on this in some meaningful way…

Shouldn’t we also comment on the fact that Obama isn’t merely a “do nothing”, but is going to actively seek justices to uphold RvW (he and McCain don’t say “litmus test”, but point to it), he will actively seek to enact a bill that will eradicate any pro-life bills on the books, that he will actively seek to reduce/eliminate funding for crisis pregnancy centers (federal funding of pro life crisis pregnancy centers)?

I understand if we don’t agree that McCain will appoint appropriate SC nominations for an overturn of RvW, but I cannot see logic in saying that federal medical funding of abortions (part of FOCA), elimination of funding of pro-life clinics in addition to SC nominations being based, not solely, but in a large part on RvW and the Illinois bill* is somehow a support of pro-life. Is an aggressive social welfare policy really supposed to combat the lack of recognition of a fetus being a human?

* - I only mention this since I’ve seen so much about McCain’s stance on Ginsburg, etc.

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Amen about the much to do. And, like you, I'm sure, regardless of the presidency, I'll pray just as fervently during an Obama presidency as a McCain presidency.

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