Thursday, June 24, 2010

Are We Making Men the "Bad Guys"?
This is one of those things that simultaneously drives me crazy and (as a daddy) makes me feel a tad safer for the kiddo. I coached a little girls soccer team. One thing that those little sweeties loved was hugs. I couldn't help but be a tad aloof (essentially) at times. The parents were great and I worked hard up front to gain their trust first and foremost. I put lots of precautions in place (never alone with any of the girls ever, etc.), too. It’s sad, but, I think, necessary. There are plenty of stories to say why we are as paranoid as we are, though. As fathers, this is where we work hard to model biblical lives and, when possible, be around other biblical men as well for kids to see (I am so blest that my daughter has been around some wonderful men in my church).

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