Tuesday, December 16, 2008

'On Faith’ on Gay ‘Marriage’



Calvinists deny culpability? I kinda short-cut there (ha ha).

The closest I can get is a father-child analogy*. I see my child reaching for the cookie. I tell him don’t, you’ll get a tummy ache. I “know” when I leave the room, he’ll try it again. I could explain how the gastric system performs poorly when too much sugar is consumed, thus causing the ache. But he’s 3 and doesn’t know how to spell “consumed”. Thus a life lesson. He’s responsible that he chose to eat the cookie. He also understands (hopefully) a little better that I was serious. He is culpable (even if he can’t spell it), but I “knew” what he would do. The differences are drastic, of course, but, in the end, similar. God knows the heart and we do have the same opportunity. The end was known before the beginning, but we are no less culpable for our decisions.

* - one which isn’t necessarily true.

PS: Which one is the dog, DJ or Darius? Am I too late to be in the running?

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As infuriating as it may be, I do enjoy reading the panel (it gives a good sense of how many people actually view their faith as opposed to how they may state it in a crowd). Some interesting quotes:

“The issue is never what the Bible says; it's what the readers say it says.”

“A far better goal is to ask people not to attempt to impose their theology on those who hold a different theological point of view.”

“…the Bible does not anticipate most features of today's debates.”

“If the Qur'an teaches that sexual activity outside of marriage is a sin (and it does), how can I condemn a significant portion of the population to sin or to a life of celibacy (which the Qur'an frowns upon as well)?”

“Gay people prefer people of the same sex, so if God made them that way, then that was God's choice.”

I think Paul’s words on tickling ears definitely come to mind. One distinction that is made and lost is that Christians condemn the sin, not the sinner. The unfortunate thing is that there are plenty of Phelps characters who take the wrong view (Peter’s words on gentleness and reverence come to mind). I think a good essay on the Christian side of the issue that is not just centered on the question of “OK or not?” is on Boundless. Our compassion isn’t demonstrated by embracing the sin, rather, in embracing the sinner (just as we would a repentant adulterer, a spouse-abuser, an embezzler, etc.). The balance and difficulty comes in remaining steadfast in the word (which does include turning out those who remain steadfast in their sin) while showing love (and compassion) for all. Condoning and embracing the sin is far more unloving.

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Would it be too bombastic to say that I'm a complementarian calvinist who believes Genesis isn't just a borrowed story? I would draw a smiley but I have to use alcohol to get the ink off the screen.

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