Thursday, December 4, 2008

What comes out when you're squeezed?!
I like your post. While your title is a wee bit disturbing ;-), you also reminded me of a story I heard about Nazi Germany. I will very briefly paraphrase (I don't recall where I read or heard this first). Two women were sent to a concentration camp. They were tired, hungry, beaten, etc. by the time they got there. When they went into the bunks, they laid down for welcomed sleep but were met with stinging and biting. Fleas! One of them looks at the other and says let's pray and thank God for the fleas. We're to give thanks in all circumstances. The other woman said that was insane, but the first insisted. So they knelt down to pray. After a few weeks, the two women discovered that the guards wouldn't come into the barracks because of the fleas. So they were able to hold studies, prayer and whatever worship they could there without fear of reprisal from the guards. Ah, the blessing of fleas.

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