Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Civil Rights Decision in New Hampshire?
That is an interesting question, BDW and an excellent point about Las Vegas, uh, "marriages". I just finished Marriage Under Fire… and Dr. Dobson does touch on this subject. The crux (of his argument) is that family is the foundational unit of society. We've been having a major breakdown of society because of the breakdown of the family. While gay marriage is not the cause, it is a massive erosion of the family. Government relies on society, society on the family. As you just did, he also poignantly highlights that we are in this state because of our own erosion of marriage. While gay marriage is seen as further crushing the family concept, it was we who got the big ball rolling through no-fault divorce, the sexual revolution, legitimization of living together (which has subsequently legitimized the hookup generation as well). And on and on.

We can’t dictate what should be God’s intention for marriage, but, given the government we live in (i.e. we get a say in our government) combined with the societal ramifications of the destruction of marriage, it is something that I think we should take whatever legal action possible.

BTW, congrats, dude! Are you @ T-school down there? I have a friend down there about ready to graduate with his MDiv.

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