Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Seek to Be Known
Louise said:
Comment 11, if Mr. Brown wants to help his friend, that is a good thing.

I guess I just don't recognize that level of accountability in one's private life.

I think that is a perfect illustration of the mentality of hiding. We often sin and hide it citing "that's personal" or private. Not to say that everything we do is discussed in detail out in the open (I think my wife would rather me not). I have trouble sharing those things in my “private” life that others can and should call out. I too often value my comfort and whatever veneer I can over serving God. Integrity is doing what is right when no one is looking. Hiding gives us a false sense of integrity.

New Comment
Louise (#19):

I don’t mean to sound rebarbative, but yes, I know, and that is exactly my point. We want to do what we want and we don’t want anyone telling us any different. Sin (perhaps just for me, who knows?) is easier to justify when no one sees it or when we have no fear of being noticed. Again, that doesn’t mean that I share every graphic detail of my life and those around me are free to push for that level of detail. But with outworking actions in particular, we must remember to sharpen one another (Pr 27:17), we don’t get to hide our sin (Pr 28:13) and gently restore (Gal 6:1). And I think that is where we depart. My prayer is that I have men like Motte in my life (I believe I do). Otherwise, I would be a fool who spurned discipline.

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