Thursday, July 9, 2009

Feel My Pain

I understand what you are saying, though I took it a bit different. To me, he aims it rightly at much of current day church thinking. And, specifically, how offensive it is for anyone to claim having truth over someone else (see the Scottish agnostic bishop or the Dutch atheist pastor or Shelby Spong or...), thus (to paraphrase Carl), your statement of a position is not a position but merely a veiled attempt to insult me. We glory in pluralism and shun any absolute. I read:

Thin-skins, absurd senses of entitlement and a bizarre conviction that all criticism of ideas is really a personally intended affront to those who hold them are not the exclusive preserve of any one theological party.

And it reminded me of R. Kent Hughes' book Disciplines of a Godly Man. Hughes says something to the effect of "leaders better be able to digest depression because they will eat a lot of it".

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BTW, I enjoy reading Trueman if for the simple fact that he makes me go and look up words like salubrious. A word I'm sure everyone else here knew, but I didn't.

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