Friday, March 5, 2010

A Make-believe Christian Infiltrates Thomas Road Baptist Church

Yah, that brings an interesting question to mind. A while back, there was a girl championed for going into a clinic posing as a pregnant 15 year old, exposing the atrocities of PP, etc. (I don’t think any here did, mind you). I do have a pause with these. On the one hand, I have to say that I applaud exposing frauds for what they are (PP or professing but non believing/living-it-out Christians). But the deception is something that churns me. It’s like so much else that we do. We try to rely on our own strength, wisdom and savvy and try to leave God out of it. I.e. in the end, I, too find it sinful as it is.

I can understand if a Christian brother or sister sees a problem with this, but why anyone outside of the church? That’s completely subjective.

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Actually, David, while we will disagree on it, I would say it unfathomable to hide from someone what would destroy them. In a physical sense, I tell my children that if you don’t learn how to tread water, you will die. In a spiritual sense, it should be no different.

As far as the homeless example, it might be. Living among a group can be done without active deception, I suppose. But yes, you’re right, it could be the same.

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