Friday, April 9, 2010

McLaren Doesn’t Want To Hurt Anybody?
Also, all the groups mentioned would agree on the same foundational beliefs (we are separated from God by our sinfulness, Christ was offered in our place, He rose. Scriptures are God’s word, etc.). This is where McLaren is so far gone. Darius and I may disagree on divorce allowed, but not on what is the tenet of salvation. Don and I may disagree on women in the church, but not on what Christ did for us. See Mohler on theological triage.

And yes, even with that in mind, we still do quarrel because of the passions within us (God did foresee our fallen nature, see James).

I agree, too, that, as a very good friend of mine put it, sometimes you just have to get downwind of yourself. Especially in a web-forum, harshness can come across easily. But also, disagreements on the 2nd tiers doesn’t mean relegating to eternal punishment.

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