Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gospel Living in an Oscar Culture
Ted Slater had an interesting viewpoint. His quote:

And so when I interact with guys whose affections are toward other guys, I can get uncomfortable. What can I say? How can I even relate?
Well, you know what, I absolutely can relate. Though I've never had a homosexual thought in my life, like those who feel the draw of same-sex attraction (SSA), I have experienced my heart drawn toward things that Scripture says are unacceptable.

It’s an important point for me to remember. I may not relate in specific experience (with SSA), but I can certainly empathize (I struggle with sin as well, but, following the bible, I certainly don’t call dark light or evil good).

And I am curious, too, what is unbiblical about the comments here (assuming that as the reference in John’s remark in #20).

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