Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Truth

Hey! I really just “happened” (Calvinist at heart ;-) to read your blog this morning, then I "happened" to read an article that resonated with what you wrote here:

Also, though, a comment (more of a thread) popped in my noggin as well. I keep rewriting it in my mind, I couldn’t get through without it ballooning too much, so I’ll just stick with this. Having kids is work. Especially as a newlywed (don’t know where you are on that “scale” of things), especially as a couple spending chunks of time without one another (read your latest post). Being married is work, too. You know both of these, but I think it’s always good to be reminded that when stuff like this strikes, you’re not alone (or absurd or abnormal....thinking otherwise is a trap I fall into sometimes!). I suppose, mostly, is to stay (be) encouraged. As stated, it does pass, and (as also stated) can turn into a marriage-wrecking monster if we try to act as though we can tame it/change it/deal with it ourselves (more of a general application, not pregnancy-restricted!). That takes strength that doesn't come from yourself. Like you say, rely on God.

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