Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A La Carte (2/17)

Man, what a packed A La Carte!

I had the same question, JP (only I would not have been nearly so articulate to make it).

A very intriguing thought from (Wittmer’s piece on) Olasky:

“So why have the laws in the first place? Olasky argues that anti-abortion laws educated the people. They ‘did send a message of right and wrong. They forced abortionists to advertise in code, bribe policemen and politicians, and hire lawyers. Laws could not end abortion but it could reduce the butcher’s bill, just as laws against drunken driving today cannot end the practice but can save lives. Today, it’s still worthwhile to pass laws restricting abortion, but time and money spent on providing and promoting compassionate alternatives saves more lives.’”

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