Monday, May 18, 2009

Obama Fails To Transcend Abortion Debate
Yikes, Chris. I think Darius illustrates the fallacy well (that you sum up with your #11: We can correspondingly conclude that abortion saves an unborn baby from the risk of hell., as if we have some bearing on salvation of others…role, yes, possibly, bearing, no.). And I agree, are you simply speaking in hyperbole or is that really your stance?

I suppose, though, those who want to provide some salve to their wounds of sin do so with whatever means they can. Just reminds me that you don’t throw a frog in a boiling pot. Or something like that.

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I suppose all I can say is wow. I believe in holding the judgment for God alone. You are attempting to usurp that (though you will fail at it).

I believe that your statement is a logical fallacy. I believe those precious humans have a right to live. My desire is that they would live a life devoted to Christ and kneel with me on judgment day to hear Him say well done good and faithful servant. The fact that someone may choose to be disobedient and deny Christ does not have any bearing on what I desire (nor even the desires of God, but that’s a much bigger subject). It’s a foolish equivocation and conclusion that you make.

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Zachary, Chris T and Chris Carter (I enjoyed watching you play for the Vikings….I’m sure you’ve NEVER heard that one before):

I think the difference in our views boils down to viewing these precious ones as humans. I am unwilling to call these humans 2/3rd’s human or anything less than just what they are. I would say that is a fundamental difference for us. One which makes me very narrow minded, I suppose. I think we have the tendency to find great comfort in not having to think about them as lives (and that is me being guilty as much as anyone). They are silent, so we don’t have to listen to any “real” arguments. It’s easier to view those lives as commodities that either enrich or lessen our quality of life, not as people that have any life at all. It’s easier to think of a ball of tissue than a potential life (that, to use CT’s argument, could turn out to bring someone to Christ….again, a bigger discussion). The more we stew in the juices of that darkened view, the deeper that sin goes.

BTW, comment 29 was supposed to be addressed to Chris Thompson.

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