Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Obama’s Hypocritical Strategy on Abortion

Kevin J:

I had just read Justin Taylor quoting Yuval Levin:

Although it was certainly not his intention, the president’s remarks point to the profound and growing weakness of the case for America’s radical abortion laws.

John Knight (from Bethlehem Baptist) had a good response to the abortion rhetoric as well. His quote:

So, is that the point, Mr. President - we get to talk, but the underlying positions get to remain the same? The only thing that actually changes is we think a little more charitably about each other?

And he rightly points to a corollary issue:

When do we get to talk about how the behavior of men on virtually every measurable level has gotten worse since abortion was made legal across the United States?

And yes, I’m sure we all understand presence isn’t a proof of causation. Perhaps almost a chicken and egg thing.

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Kevin J:

Oh, yes, I agree. I was seconding your comment! At least I think so. I think that it could be we are seeing God's working to make evil actions turn out for good (combine the idea with the pollster's uptick in pro-life self-designation and it seems that way). So evil-to-good irony.


I think Dr. Burk has developed a new Kentucky bias against his new southern neighbor (ha ha).

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