Friday, May 1, 2009

A Clarification about Plan B

I would submit that is akin to saying that we should legalize poisoning someone since, after all, it’s better than a violent death using a gun or a knife. That’s a very sad justification of sin.

You state it correctly that we (OK, well, I would say I hold the same view as Dr. Burk) don’t see human life beginnings equally. To hear your story is sad. I imagine it was extremely frustrating. But it saddens me to equivocate specific intent to destroy with God’s natural process.

Additionally, hasn’t Plan B had no impact on abortions where it has been used? I was thinking that was in the Times article. I’ll have to go look it up.

New Comment
Does this present an interesting juxtaposition of viewpoints:

Dr. Mohler:
No, the main issue in the FDA policy is this -- safe from parental supervision. The morning after pill is now a potent symbol of the end of parenthood as we know it.

Plan B proponent:
Myth: You need a parent’s permission to get Plan B®.


Fact: You don’t need your parent’s permission to get Plan B®. In fact, teens in every state have the right to obtain Emergency Contraception without parental consent or notification. However, if you are a young woman under age 18, you will need a prescription.

Just interesting, I suppose (or prophetic….).

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