Friday, May 15, 2009

What's Your Line?
that he was in fact married.

Yikes! is right. IMVHO, I would say that the "pickup line" (which is a competitor to boundlessline, I think) foisted upon some random anonymous girl is foolish. I am a huge believer in observation and conversation. The crux, to me, about the fly-by pickup line is that it embodies the values that are so wrong for a relationship. In essence, that guy is saying "hey, you’re cute enough to date". So, in my mind, that would be a red flag to begin with (for a woman).

That being said, almost anything that a man says to a woman can, in fact, somehow be construed as a "pickup line". Innocent as a statement may be, sometimes a frame of mind on one party doesn’t match the other. When you’re in a group of friends and, as a man, you try to strike up that conversation, that may be considered a pickup line. But at that point, one would hope you have watched this woman (in a very non-stalkerish manner) demonstrate her love for the Lord, gentleness, etc. as opposed to the "she’s got a hot bod" mentality (which is seemingly the reson of the fly-by pickup line).

BTW, Lisa, you have the most beautiful black and white eyes I’ve ever seen, too.....oh, wait...

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