Monday, January 12, 2009

Driscoll and the Calvinist Revival
Good question, Mr. Thomas! I would venture that she is indicating that (taking a shot at) Calvinists believe that they are persecuted and if they are persecuted, they must be going to heaven. It seems like Ms. Worthen wrote her piece on soundbites, wikipedia and attending one Sunday’s services.

While there’s a ton in the article that makes me get a puzzled look, the article says “[t]raditional evangelical theology falls apart in the face of real tragedy…” I think that is sort of true. I think prosperity gospel (prosperity-centered “theology”) does. Evangelicals (those committed to bible doctrine rather than bible guidelines) do not. In many folks’ minds, prosperity = evangelical = business plan-based church.

Funny quote:

“New converts stay in touch via blogs and Facebook groups with names like…‘Calvinism: The Group That Chooses You.’”

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