Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama on Roe v. Wade Anniversary know, there was a discussion I read recently about the trinkets that the president carries around. One of the questions that came up by association was one of accountability. I like the new whitehouse site (I think). It has some slick parts of it that could relate. I think that Nathan asks a good question, though. Could Nathan’s proposed question ever get asked at the press conference? But also (by association of association), how do evangelical (/catholic/pro-life/etc.) Obama voters (I don’t want to say supporters since he is my president and by default I support, though disagree with his proposed policy here) square this? To me, this falls out of the bounds of overall reduction of abortions (as our policies really won’t impact other countries’ pregnancy rates). Is this just something about which an Obama voter disagrees with him? Is it all part of the plan, do you think?

BTW, I would say that we shouldn’t nit-pick every decision the president makes (even though I fear that is exactly what will happen), this just happens to be a big one that has far-reaching implications.

PS: If anyone hasn’t looked at the new whitehouse website, I suggest checking it out. Pretty slick. Definitely a great aspect of a “next generation” president dedicated to change (I hope….ha ha…..)!

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