Monday, January 26, 2009

Stimulus Package Takes Aim at Babies Sorry to see edits having to occur. It seems odd, but as they say, oh, well.
2) I heard a quote from Dr. Russell Moore identifying the thinking read above:
“The abortion culture is downstream from many things that are going on in our churches. Because before we aborted children in the womb, we aborted them in our minds…..We began to see children as a burden. Children as an obstacle.”--Russell More
3) Along that lines, it was nice to hear Steve on the Dr. Mohler radio program. He had some great advice for your young marrieds here.

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Craig M. (#19): astute...that is Dr. Moore (if you've ever listened to him much)!

Tiffany (#20): I agree that is a question that has weighed heavily on me, as well. Not that I've figured the answer, though. It's (bc) something that I've had a tendency to "just accept", but rarely even thought it through. It is a heart issue, and no one knows this except ourselves (that sounds like terrible grammar) and God (and sometimes we like to delude ourselves into thinking it one way, but deep down we really know the answer is different). Funny thing. Candice answered almost exactly our question.

PS: Dr. Mohler had a radio program on this, but I couldn't find it. But I did find his commentary on it.

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Adam (#23): Interesting. I love Albert Mohler and Russell Moore, but their views on marriage and children are not Biblical. Quite an accusation. To what specifically do you refer?

And regarding the population concern, many times, when some speak on the declining population, it is in reference to the 1.3 children per household, not that the population needs to increase each generation, but it shouldn’t almost ½ in one generation.

The problem is our society only thinks about themselves - I believe that is exactly the point of Dr. Moore.

I would say that Dr. Moore and Dr. Mohler (and many others) favor a thoughtful consideration of contraception. It is a rightful warning against the thought that we should have a McDonalds life (what I want, when I want and anything short of that is a right to complain).

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