Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Young Married Readers? a non-young-but-young-married, but I have been involved in a group that went through a book that was an excellent combination of theology, application and winsome empirical data (stories). For anyone interested, it's The Most Important Year In a Man's/Woman's Life. I would be interested in the same blend here. In our group (and the other young marrieds I know), it is always an isolating event (leave your father and mother…..and often your singles group, rearranging your schedule pulls us away from time with friends, etc.). So I would say:

Encouragement (we’re not alone, it can be done)
Theological Admonition (The bible is clear for so many things)
Practical Admonition (older couples have been there, what is their practical advice)
Helpful resources (though the FotF site is replete with these!)

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