Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Destroying Human Life at Tax-payers’ Expense

How can he so casually exclude from the human community a whole class of persons?
The way so many of us do as well (and there’s a big finger pointed at me) and that is silence. Embryos (those in and out of the womb) don’t speak and can’t scream. In the same manner, I am often more callous towards those in need because they do not live right next door to me.

You know, when I saw this yesterday, my thought (as was Matt’s) was to the president’s "that’s above my pay grade" comment. Obviously, identifying that is not above his pay grade. He just didn’t want to say what he really thought (neither escr or abortion involve human life). Or, more frighteningly, maybe he does and these "balls of tissue" are an inconvenience....yikes! When he got elected, I thought that the FOCA “promise” was a typical political, um, truth stretching (as in it wouldn’t be the first bill he signed and it perhaps wouldn’t even come to table). Now, though, it seems as thought that is on a very clear agenda. As he stated about his daughter having an abortion, carrying that child may be too much of a burden. I think we’ll eventually see how much and who is an inconvenience (again, contrary to the "above my pay grade" comment).

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That's a question that loomed in my mind back when they (were forced to?) began using adult stem cells (more aggressively?). But I suppose part of the rebuttal is that the scientific community was forced to research adult cells (though, in my logic, it makes more sense to learn to adapt adult cells as they are far more readily available….but what do I know, I’m just a begonia.).

You know, even in this extremely short amount of a presidency, there are some cool things that have just been wiped out by (and I suppose I’m just too stodgy) a complete moral failure on the actions against the innocent unborn.


That’s an interesting question. I think that there could be a time. We are to obey princes and principalities and give to Caesar, etc. But it seems that it could eventually come to that kind of a question (though I stress could as I just don’t think it will ever get there). Mostly, for example, I think it would have to be a situation akin to people collecting money that they tell you will specifically be used to euthanize the elderly, force abortions, etc. I think there is (just?) enough people between my taxes and the final disbursement that it doesn’t fall to me (I suppose I think of paying taxes as in Matthew 17). What do you think, Michah?

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Yeah, if I remember correctly, there was an article on CNN or in Time that indicated a paradigm shift in a large block of the scientific community wrt adult stem cells. I seem to recall the word “amazed” being used in the scientist’s comments.

And you’re right. He is far from stupid. That man is shaaaa-arp.

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