Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nudity in Art

Great name and comment. I agree that, as William Wilberforce said, we need to cease to be deceived by superficial appearances, and to confound the Gospel of Christ with the systems of philosophers.* I’m sure this comment will be rife with men claiming the opposite of what you say, but life, interactions and just plain statistics concur with what you state. And there will be many counters to Ted’s post (well, they may have tired-head now, but on previous ones) and a lot of "yea, but’s" and "well what about’s". Overall, though, I find it sad that we (and, as with you, Brian, I’ve been down that path so I find myself in that “we”) too often work more diligently at how we can call dark light than finding what is truly light. Unfortunately, that last line of thinking is just not progressive enough.

Dr. Mohler had an article recently with the quote "...contemporary Americans increasingly see religious faith as ‘more like a fashion statement, not a deep personal commitment.’". I think that is exactly what we all do at times (esp. with media) is to take faith, what should be that which defines our life and we let everything else in our life define our faith.

Just a question for anyone, when justifying various films, shouldn’t we ask if we’d watch the movie knowing that Christ was sitting next to us (in a physical sense)? I know we strive for being able to converse, but haven’t we lost some great part of our witness when an aspect of our lives as front-and-center as media plays these days looks like everyone else’s?

* - for anyone who isn’t familiar, Tim Challies and anyone willing is going through Real Christianity which has started out as a great book.

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