Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reading the Classics - Real Christianity (IV)

I agree. For me, the chunk of this chapter you mentioned was very convicting. I have always been in a, uh, conservative (in the emotional sense here) church. The outward focus of joy is a bit out of my comfort zone. So this was a very striking set of reading for me.

And to ditto everyone else, I was astounded as I read at the similarities (though to a degree this is heightened by the editorial nature of the chosen publisher).

I am struggling to keep pace so I was a bit down to see that we're going through chapter 4 (Similar to Martin Short who is "not that strong of a swimmer", I'm not that strong of a reader.....but this is what challenges like this are all about!).

As usual, thanks for the great stuff to read!


Jude St.John said...


I followed you over here from Challies...this blog is a really good idea!

Accountability for blog comments...with some I read this should be mandatory!

Brian Krieger said...

Thanks. That thought is exactly why I started this. I appreciate the kind words!