Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reading the Classics - Real Christianity (II)
I failed to bring my book in, but from the link passed last comment section, I copied a quote I thought impactful (especially considering the time frame):

The diligent perusal of the Holy Scriptures would discover to us our past ignorance. We should cease to be deceived by superficial appearances, and to confound the Gospel of Christ with the systems of philosophers; we should become impressed with that weighty truth, so much forgotten, and never to be too strongly insisted on, that Christianity calls on us, as we value our immortal souls, not merely in general, to be religious and moral, but specially to believe the doctrines, and imbibe the principles, and practise the precepts of Christ.

Slightly different from what I read (different editor), but still… And, to second a second (ooo, just now a third), yes, the instruction of children is definitely one that is close to home for me, too.

I did raise an eyebrow at what initially struck me as an anachronism. He used the word “concrete”. Of course, it’s a mid-centuries word, but it still seemed out of place to me (time-wise) and was perhaps inserted by the editor (actually, I assume). I didn’t comment on the introduction, but the full title also gave me a giggle of sorts.

I’m looking forward to the rest of this book.

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