Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obama on Leno
I agree, Daniel. And what a great, articulate non-answer.

"They made a decision that was legally correct...but morally and ethically....not."

But it's OK morally (and ethically) to selectively tax (at 90%) a group that is legally correct, but you (the federal government) just don't like. Interesting, I suppose. Doesn't this just support the idea of flauntin the constitution that is bantered about so much these days? BTW, where is the moral standard, here? I know where mine is, but is it mass rule? The interesting thing (and great thing, actually) is the plethora of conversations that have spawned from this (as in, if someone says this is "wrong", it's a good lead into a "why?" and go with the conversation from there!).

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